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Digital PDF Tutorial: Making shoelasts for BJD doll feet

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Product description

This PDF Tutorial will teach you how to make shoelasts for your doll feet. What are shoelasts and when you need them? These are necessary when you want to make a shaped shoes or boots - the ones that hold their shape in both front and back and have those perfect rounded (or pointed, depending on a chosen design) tips. Such shoes are mostly made out of genuine leather, but can be made out of artificial leather or fabric as well. I make my BJD shoes mostly out of genuine leather, and many designs are literally impossible to make without shoelasts. There are two methods available: - making the shoelasts from the scratch, based on doll feet measurementsd only, - making a paper mache mockup first, and then building the shoelasts around that mockup. Each method has its own pros and cons. I provide both, so you can choose the one that suits you better. Each step of this tutorial is explained and accompanied with photos, more than 130 photos in total. The tiniest details are shown clearly and captured on the photos. It also has a lot of tips and tricks that I developed through practice and that you won't find anywhere. Please refer to the Table of Contents to understand the structure of this PDF Tutorial. Please pay attention that this listing is for Digital PDF tutorial + pattern only, so no physical items are included! If you have any issues with downloading the files, please email me at info@wgrass.org, and I'll send you the files by email.

Author: WhisperingGrass

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