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Digital PDF Tutorial + Pattern: Making brocade slippers with heels for BJD dolls

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Product description

This PDF Tutorial will guide you through the process of making ethnic slippers that can be made in Boho, Fantasy, Islamic styles and so on! You can make your very own slippers for your BJD dolls. These are sturdy enough to put a full size 60+ cm BJD into them. Each step of this tutorial is explained and accompanied with photos, more than 120 photos in total. The tiniest details are shown clearly and captured on the photos. It also has a lot of tips and tricks that I developed through practice and that you won't find anywhere. Tutorials on making dollie footwear, especially the ones with heels, are rare to find. Please refer to the Table of Contents to understand the structure of this PDF Tutorial. Available shoe sizes: - for 6.5 x 2.5 cm feet (Volks SD10/13, etc.), - for 7 x 3 cm feet (Iplehouse EID/SID/nYID, Impldoll Idol, etc.), - for 8 x 3.3 cm feet (Dollshe 16F Diana, Soom SG New male, Ringdoll RGM-3 male, etc.), - for 8.5x3 cm feet (Dollshe 26F Ausley, Amanda, Erica, etc.) An easy scaling method is added in the final part of the tutorial so you can adjust the patterns to both bigger and smaller doll feet. Please pay attention that this listing is for Digital PDF tutorial + pattern only, so no physical items are included! If you have any issues with downloading the files, please email me at info@wgrass.org, and I'll send you the files by email.

Author: WhisperingGrass

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